Threat kindergarten

Threat kindergarten  October 28, in the conference room of the administration AMO for an urgent meeting on the return of municipal property - the building of the former kindergarten in 106 quarter - gathered Eduard ISHCHENKO, Deputy head of administration of AMO, Eugene GULIN, Chairman of the IPC, Sergey BORISOV, consultant of the head of administration of AMO on law enforcement, and representatives of the Department of education AMO.Recall that the building of the former kindergarten 106 in the quarter was in rent at “the Factory of the MOUTH” under the direction of Valery KUROCHKIN. In litigation initiated by the administration of AMO, the entrepreneur lost and must vacate the building, which the administration wants to repair and pay for daycare. At the end of September at the session of regional Duma Deputy Sergei BRANIK offered to transfer the gratuitous use Kurochkin building, citing the fact that there are working with children three commercial organization. Deputies didn't support Brenica because the building is in a state of near disaster, and voted against it.At an assembled meeting of the Eugene GULIN, Chairman of the IPC, said:- In court the rental relations with OOO "Zavod MOUTH" terminated. After the decision of the court room should be released. However, Kurochkin not execute the court decision and not let our guards inside the building. Читать полностью -->

From national elections hands off

From national elections hands off  A cynical farce recognized as held hearings!Other grade to give of what took place on 1 July in the auditorium of the Lyceum в„–1, it is difficult, perhaps even impossible.Day after day in Angarsk the election is coming up wrong and the voters might well choose a wrong power! Today she, of course, correct.What to do? History teaches that it is necessary to change the law. Nicholas II two the first Duma was dispersed, and the third chose the right, changed the electoral law. When you report to the king about the discussion of a new electoral law in the Council of Ministers, Stolypin said that this law was called "shameless". The king, laughing cynically said: "I shamelessly".Angara deputies of the story, as you can see, know and creatively apply. However, the laws they do not have to write, but the changes and additions to the Charter soul to take, of course, possible. Wrong townspeople, however, strive to ruin, meddling where they don't belong. Читать полностью -->

Do we need a "Angara sheets"?

Do we need a As well as the Center of development of local self-government and multi-function centre which actively promote the officials of the district administration. In the list of questionable items of expenditure according to the deputies of the Duma of the Angarsk municipal education were, above all, representatives of the administration – information and analytical Department, and, simply put, the press-service. The original proposal of the majority of deputies and of the budget Committee was expressed in a complete cessation of funding of these areas. However, the result was a compromise: the Deputy Zelentsov has proposed to Fund these areas in part, in the amount of one-third of that requested by the administration amounts. Otherwise, how harmfulness of deputies, such attacks will not name. At first they refused to pass a budget, now thus decided to "save money", and the released funds (40 million rubles, not to send to the urgent needs of the municipality and in ... Читать полностью -->

Schedule of events from June 25 to July 01,

Schedule of events from June 25 to July 01,  Brethren and sisters, the Church of the Dormition of the Mother of God invites You to Worship!June 25 (Monday)09:00 PM Moleben To The Dormition Of The Mother Of God.June 26 (Tuesday)08:30 YAC. Acline. SVT. Triphyllios, GN. Lewk-FIC Cyprus. Matins. Читать полностью -->

Call today, may 27, from 17.00 to 19.00 on the phone 52-32-17.;images/1274968296_1274926054_golodovka.jpg;Another defeat awaits ErossiuEarly elections of the mayor of Bratsk, the losing candidates from "United Russia", can cost posts to the local United Russia. Irkutsk region deals a second blow to the credibility and expectations EP. Political analysts believe that this reflects the crisis of the party in power, "Novye Izvestia".At the election in Bratsk defeated the candidate from the Communist party Alexander Serov, the newspaper reminds. He alone scored more votes than his two competitors from the "United Russia". Earlier in December last year, former mayor of Bratsk, the EP representative Sergey Serebrennikov lost to the promoted worker of the Communist party in the elections of the head of Irkutsk.First Deputy Secretary of the Presidium of the EP on regional policy Sergey Neverov, explaining the second defeat of United Russia, referred to the absence in the regional office of a single candidate. The fact is that back in April, the EP expressed its support of the Deputy of regional legislative Assembly Sergey Grishin.Another candidate-the United Russia - the acting mayor of the city Alexander Moskalchuk - had to withdraw his candidacy, but he didn't. Читать полностью -->

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